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Micropayment solution simple as a phone call

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Micropayments Solution

The fastest and easiest solution for micropayments via a flash phone call

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Perfect for Merchants

Simplified payments with one straightforward contract, valid in all countries, specific agreements are not required

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Easy for Enduser

No need Credit Card or Bank Account, just a mobile or landing phone

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Call2Get is a Micropayments Solution, entirely developed by Phonegroup SA, based on instantaneous PSTN calls to dedicated Numbering Plans!
The main advantage for the Endusers is no need to have a Credit Card or a Bank Account but just a mobile (or landline) phone.

Merchants have a simple way of getting payments from difficult origins or telecom operators and no need to get prior approvals and separate agreements for each country: just a single straightforward agreement and an easy integration with Call2Get system, valid for all the countries where our solution works.

Call2Get it’s already available for more than 190 operators in 89 countries worldwide, and this number is growing fast. We are testing the availability for our solution every week, please contact us and ask for a specific country and/or operator, and we’ll check if it’s already covered.

No long calls, just the time to connect and the payment with Call2Get will be successful and confirmed to the enduser also by an inbound sms.

Payments are guaranteed by Phonegroup, an ITU SG2 member and leader in providing payments solution with phone calls and sms since 2003.
Only Tier1 Carriers and Global Mobile Operators are involved in financial flow.

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